Our commitment to operational excellence is a reflection of our strongly held values and our history of innovation. We know our customers' needs aren't confined to the work environment; they're concerned with the reliability of every aspect of their relationship with Amar Jyoti. To address these concerns, we continually apply, and even pioneer, innovative practices and technologies.We measure our efforts in critical areas that include the people who buy our products (customers), the people who do the work (talent), the people we buy from (suppliers), and the people who sell our products (distributors).

Our Vision

The aim behind every output you witness at Amarjyoti Furniture is the capacity to develop superior products and provide greater returns for our investors through creation and production of ergonomic chair and furniture. Strictly adhered to the latest technology, infrastructure and norms, we have always tried creating a value for our customer and their investment in our furniture. The chairs have been specially design to give you full comfort owing to the growing health problems due to wrong sitting postures namely cervical, back pain etc. We aspire to provide community services which are environmental friendly and create components of our chair within India to minimize the imports as it will also produce more job opportunities within the country.