Furniture made with passion
for people with passion

The office furniture industry has traditionally struggled with long lead times and unreliable delivery commitments, largely because the majority of industry products are built to each customer's unique order, and with so many products, each with their own potential feature and finish options, the number of product permutations runs in to the many, many millions. This, coupled with the complexity and inefficiencies of the industry's legacy manufacturing practices, has proven a barrier to improved reliability, customer service and profitability.


We have established two plants at Chandigarh and one plant at Derabass i(Punjab) and we have one upcoming plant at Barwala (Haryana) with total of 35000 square feet area. We have been running chrome plant since last 20 years and updated the technology as progressed in the same. Coming to machinery, It our firm belief that without updated machinery one cannot manufacture quality product and so does we follow.

Passion and style

A handmade furniture made with passion for people with passion

Product Reach

We are supplying to almost every region in India and our customers are satisfied with our company policies, Product quality and pocket friendly prices

Our Commitment

From specification and ordering, quality standards to packaging to delivery and installation, we do everything on time and as promised.

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