Started off as a retail shop in 1993, Amarjyoti Furniture blossomed into a reputed and popular office furniture manufacturing company. The company, under the ablest guidance of Late Shri Jai Narayan passing baton to his son, Shri Ram Gopal (Current MD of Amarjyoti Furnitures) at a mere age of 16, the company is now recognized as a self-explanatory name of success and quality. With various exotic, qualitative and durable designs of diversified office tables, chairs to steel almirah and school furniture manufacturing, we have conquered some of widest range of furniture.

Our Belief

Unshakable believes based on dedication and hard work is the key exponent of our company. There are three major components according to us for a perfect furniture i.e.

  • Visual Looks
  • Comfort
  • Durability

And according to us, unlike most of other manufacturers the sequence of importance should be comfort, durability, visual effects and the most quality. Comfortable and ergonomic sitting gives more output at workplace and also keeps the body healthy by maintaining its posture. Being a long term investment for various organizations like school, office etc. we have made sure that the quality of each output is the top most priority in our list. Frequent innovations and custom-made solutions for classic and contemporary interior furnishings, solutions for professional and healthcare environments has been a belief which the company has always with stand.


The aim behind every output you witness at Amarjyoti Furniture is the capacity to develop superior products and provide greater returns for our investors through creation and production of ergonomic chair and furniture. Strictly adhered to the latest technology, infrastructure and norms, we have always tried creating a value for our customer and their investment in our furniture. The chairs have been specially design to give you full comfort owing to the growing health problems due to wrong sitting postures namely cervical, back pain etc. We aspire to provide community services which are environmental friendly and create components of our chair within India to minimize the imports as it will also produce more job opportunities within the country.

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